Saturday, June 1, 2013

Week 22 Foodie

Our prompt this week from Sally was to take a pic of food we love.  This picture above is a cheese plate my husband prepared for us last night.  It was so hot it was a "no cook" dinner.  I love the way the food looks on this plate and the parts I like best are the cheeses( Brie, Gouda and Swiss) and the fresh Italian bread.  The Schinken under the knives is a specialty deli meat that my husband loves. We are not able to get it locally so we buy it whenever we are near a Wegman's grocery store since they carry everything good in food.  But that is in a big city, not out here in the country.

My other food loves are salads, raw veggies, fruit and Mexican food, especially enchilladas which I make whenever my children visit.  In the category of foods that are not good for you, I especially love cheddar chips.

                                                               My  bad!!!

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