Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ceramic Beads on Etsy and Berks Bead Bazaar

Just a really quick post today to show off some beautiful artist handmade ceramic beads!
All of these in the treasuries have been kiln fired in their various glazed finishes.
Ceramic Bead Collection Treasury

Ceramic Bead Collection 2
All ceramic beads (earthenware, stoneware or porcelain) must be fired in a kiln to be called "Ceramic".
However, not all ceramic beads need to be finished with the traditional high temperature (1750 to 2300 degree F. glaze temperature ranges).

There are lots of ceramic bead makers and artists that finish their ceramic work by painting with an air dry medium or something that can set a lower oven baking temperatures.
These painted layers are applied, wiped off, layered, dried, and often sealed.

Here is a beautiful example of a "cold glazed" Artist made kind of ceramic beads by 
Porcelain Beads (Cold Glazed) by GreyBirdStudio
More to come on glazing and firing techniques and care and use of beads with different finishes…

And this weekend, if you happen to be close to Reading, PA (USA) swing by the Berks Bead Bazaar Saturday and Sunday!
There are many artists, suppliers, and bead & jewelry educators selling kits!
Berks Bead Bazaar Website CLICK HERE.
Staci Louise (items pictured above) will be there!

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