Monday, February 24, 2014

Definitely a Struggle....

I am not quite sure why the thought of making something asymmetrical makes me tense. I have made many attempts only to find myself pulling the creation apart. When I make beads, however, I am very different. I can just make random cuts, sizes, shapes, etc. and enjoy it. I get lost in it.....

When it comes time to use them though, I find myself matching up the closest ones. Ughhhhh!

 Planning ahead for a design.... Yes, not perfectly symmetrical, but symmetrical nevertheless....

So, I have started to try and do something a little different..... not easy for me. Even writing about it causes some sort of chemical change in my body. My throat gets a little tight, my hands a little white and if I were the kind of person that sweats, I am sure it would be pouring down my face.

So, I've taken some baby steps...

These actually became a necklace..... yes, all in one necklace!

And a couple of bracelets with one different bead!

And, one of the things I find I have a little easier time with is finding beads whose colors blend together.

How are you at asymmetry? Are you like me? An asymmetry wannabe?

I love the look and plan to practice. If I could only let my mind go like I do when I make beads, I think it might be easier.


MaryAnn Carroll - could you tell?

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