Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Romantic Jewelry - Treasures you will Love

Begin with the lovely neutral tones of these Rutilite  Quartz Earrings. They compliment the necklaces, bracelets, and ring below but are beautiful on their own.  $219.

The oval Rutilite Quartz necklace is forged in silver and then plated with a heavy 18 k gold finish.
The large oval link chain ads a beautiful finishing touch.
This romantic necklace  is $589. 

This exquisite necklace is organic in form and hangs in a similar manner as the one before it.  It is a more petite version priced at $289. 

These dangle opaque ruby earrings are truly  stunning.  Hand forged in sterling and embellished with heavy 18k gold they are a wonderful way to say I love you at $239.

These simple but elegant turquoise and gold earrings are perfect robins egg blue for the spring. Priced at $89.95

Last but most certainly not least this bracelet and ring are an absolute must see.  The bracelet is a statement piece with a collection of ravishing shapes and neutral hues, perfect for the light tones of spring.
Designer Bracelet $649
Designer Ring $249

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