Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finding the Zen in my Work

by Staci L. Smith

I love what I do.  I really do.  However, it is still work, and there are times I just want a day off.  Or I don't want to paint another bead!!!!  Or edit another picture!

But last week, as I was carving my black beads, and doodling on my Zen Doodle Beads, and drawing tiny details on my scrimshaw beads, I realized, that is my happy place.  That is my zen.  I could carved and draw patterns and doodles for hours on end, and still want to do more when I am done.

I never really understood zen until I found it painting my studio floor.  I am sure I still don't fully understand, but to me, it was my zen.

(remember this?)

It really was sort of meditative to me.  My mind is always on overdrive.  I am not one who can clear it, or relax by just sitting.  I cannot focus while still.

I found if my hands are moving, my mind is more clear.  I only think about the lines, the flow, the feel. 

As I painted my floor last year, I painted designs into it that made me thing of friends and family, and as I painted, I said little prayers for them in my mind.

So as I was in the throws of endless bead production this week, it felt good to realize how much I love this aspect, because I think we all get into slumps at times.

(painting and painting and painting and painting)

Its nice to have that one thing that is relaxing, yet keeps you working.  Eventually, creative energy, a spark, motivation, will follow. 

I particularly loved carving.  My body did not quite agree with me, (tendonitis) but it recovered quickly enough. 

(side note on carving beads, they are small and it is hard or near impossible to not cut toward yourself.  I borrowed this finger guard from my son, and it really sped up production.  and its definitely more relaxing when you are not worried about cutting yourself the whole time)

Then, drawing these scrimshaw like beads, I was in heaven. I even made an extra batch, just so I could mindlessly draw more!!!!

Then, my floor inspired doodles, which are bigger and more bold then my scrimshaw ones....they allow the whimsical nature to come through.  

Now, when I have a stressful day, I wish I could just doodle all over the house, until my walls are non-stop art, filled with my therapy!  Maybe I can just start with one wall................maybe...............

So, what is your zen?  Your happy place?  Do you find it while you are doing something?  Or do you have quiet time to refresh and inspire you?

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